Tuesday, March 26, 2013

FUNctional holiday: Raisin CHICKS or The Healthy Easter "Peep"

mini box(es) of raisins
yellow construction paper
scissors. clear tape. markers.

Raisin CHICKS 
The Healthy Easter "Peep*"

Cute & healthy** Easter Basket fillers. I'm using mine for our Easter Egg Hunt.
I came up with this idea after realizing that the raisin boxes I bought for the hunt would not fit in my plastic eggs :(
 Not sure if anyone has made these before or not, so I posted a tutorial below.
You can easily transform your raisin boxes into any animal, not just CHICKS. I have made sheep, rabbits, pigs, and cows.
This would be fun to do any time of the year. Think lunch boxes, snack time, Valentine's Day, Halloween.
The cute and healthy snacking possibilities are (almost) endless!
"Eggs that Hatched Hunt" - instead of having the "littles" hunt for eggs, have them hunt for raisin box animals that "just hatched" from eggs (i.e. chicks, any type of bird - owls would be cute, dinosaurs) 
 My next post will be about a fun game you & your "little" can play using the empty "CHICKS" and a plastic egg.

*A group of chickens or chicks can be referred to as a Peep.
** Use regular raisins vs. yogurt raisins for a healthy alternative

Raisin CHICKS Tutorial:

1 - Gather supplies: clear tape, mini raisin box, markers (yellow, orange, brown, black), yellow construction paper, pencil (not pictured) and scissors (not pictured)
2 - Line up raisin box in lower left or right corner of construction paper (orientation: portrait), use your pencil to draw a line along the top of the box, slide box up along the long edge of the paper and position bottom of box on line, draw another line along top of box, continue until you run out of room &/or have enough strips for the number of raisin boxes you are going to cover.
3 - Using something straight (ruler, magazine) and a pencil, continue line across to the opposite edge of the paper
4 - Using scissors, cut along the lines on the paper.
5 - Fold paper strips in half.
6 - One at a time, cut strip along folded crease.
7 - Place one raisin box in the middle of one strip of paper, line up the top and bottom edges
8 - Fold one end of the paper strip to the front of the box and secure with tape.
9 - Fold the other end of the paper strip to the front of the box and secure with tape.
10 - Grab your markers and begin drawing your CHICKS.

Until next time...
~ B. Lynn