Friday, April 12, 2013

(Belated) Fun, Colorful, Make the Kiddos Smile Easter Decor

Here's a follow up to my last post. More pics of what I managed to take a picture of during the 2 weeks of sickness not including my dining room Easter tablescape which I forgot to take a picture of my Easter decor.

Subway Easter art print I made using Google Picasa
"Happy Easter" Banner I printed in 2009 from a blog that, sadly, I can't remember the name of nor find by searching the web
Thread wrapped eggs I made back in 2007 (or before) following this tutorial that was in the Martha Stewart Living magazine that year.
The little chicks in the o's make me smile

Fun, Colorful, Make the Kiddos Smile Easter Decor
In the first picture, you can see a number of brightly colored objects lying on the white table runner. Those are Easter eggs that "Sis" made all on her own accord. She sat at the table for hours drawing egg shapes and "decorating" each and every one with a unique design full of brightly colored zigzags, polkadots, stripes, flowers, and anything else her sweet little heart desired. I was one proud crafty mama : )

 Until next time...
~ Brooke  

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